Door Machinery

New Omec Model F 9TS Door Frame Miter

Stock #19140N - Call For Availability (New)



  • Technical Data
  • On board machine installed power: 10.5Kw
  • Working pressure: 0.7M Pascal
  • Mill cutter: 1
  • Mill cutter revolutions: 5,600rpm
  • Blades: 2
  • Blades revolutions: 2,800rpm
  • Drill bit (optional): 1
  • Drill revolutions: 2,800rpm
  • Average production of cases: 60/hr
  • Average production of crosspieces: 30/hr
  • Average production of a full door frame: 25/hr
  • Standard Equipment
  • Designed to mill joints on door frames
  • Extremely easy to use with high precision and fast work process
  • Utilizing two milling and two saws produces 45 degree cuts and joints
  • Automatically mills the jamb and casing as one unit, saving labor needed to assemble the pieces
  • Having left and right tooling the F9 completes one joint at a time
  • Built in touchscreen brings all the controls to the operator
  • Numeric Control runs the work cycle

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