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New Omec Model F13S Automatic Milling Machine

Stock #21350N - Call For Availability (New)



  • Technical Data
  • Power installed of machine: 4.55 HP
  • Working pressure: 0.7 Mpascal
  • Number of blades: 2
  • Blade revolutions: 5,600 RPM
  • Position of grooves: Variable
  • Piece production: 1200 n/h
  • Workpiece Limits
  • Lengths: Min. 40mm Max. 600mm
  • Width: Min. 40 mm Max. 850mm
  • Thickness: Min. 5mm Max. 17mm
  • Groove Width: Min. 3mm Max. 12mm
  • Distance from Edge: Min.0mm Max. 150mm
  • Standard Equipment
  • Tool kit for adjustments and maintenance
  • User’s and instruction manual
  • Automatic dado or rabbet milling machine has been designed to produce bottom grooves for box covers or inset slots for bottle racks
  • Two blades for cutting slots in various dimensions and positions
  • The machine cuts single pieces
  • Touchscreen control panel with easy data entry and 40-file stored memory
  • Controlled by a PLC programmed for the maximum flexibility and highest machining speedAdjuster shafts and position indicators.

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