New Omec Model F12 Automatic CNC Controlled Dovetail Machine

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  • Omec Model F12 Automatic CNC Controlled Dovetail Machine
  • Technical Data:
  • Power installed of machine: 3.33 HP
  • Working pressure: 0.7 Mpascal
  • Number of spindles: 1
  • Spindle revolutions: 21,000
  • Distance between bottle holders: Variable
  • Piece production: 1000/h
  • Workpiece Limits
  • Lengths: Min. 90mm Max. 600mm
  • Width: Min. 40mm Max. 250mm
  • Thickness: Min. 4mm Max. 24mm
  • Standard Equipment
  • Integral HM Cutter installed on machine (Ø 14)
  • Tool kit for adjustments and maintenance
  • User’s and instruction manual
  • 4-axes automatic milling machine with numeric control has been designed to create bottles racks and internal partitions for packing boxes
  • Spindle with a cutter to cut bottle holders with different dimensions and positions
  • The machine is controlled with a pushbutton panel and a touch screen control panel
  • All the adjustments can be easily performed by following the instructions provided directly by the software on the monitor of the machine

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