New Omec Model F11 TS Automatic Dovetail Machine

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  • Omec Model F11 TS Automatic Dovetail Machine
  • Technical Data:
  • Power installed of machine: 6.1 HP
  • Working pressure: 0.7 Mpascal
  • Number of spindles: 1
  • Spindle revolutions: 18,000
  • Distance between centers of joints: Fixed or variable
  • Workpiece Limits
  • Lengths: Min. 1700mm Max. 1500mm
  • Width: Min. 60mm Max. 770mm
  • Indent Height: Min. 6mm Max. 40mm
  • Front Thickness: Min. 8mm Max. 55mm
  • Side Thickness: Min. 8mm Max. 40mm
  • Standard Equipment
  • Fixed and Variable Pitch
  • 80 drawers per hour
  • Drawer height Min 2.36″(60mm) Max 30.31″ (770mm)
  • Bord Thickness Max .31″ (8mm ) Max 2.16″ ( 55 mm )
  • Integral Carbide cutter installed on the machine
  • Tool Kit for adjustments and maintenance
  • User’s and instruction manual
  • Machining area of approximately 30”
  • F11TS can produce most any design and size dovetail product desired
  • Spindle speeds of 18,500 rpm, can accommodate a variety of tooling to produce the dovetail effect desired by operator including box cuts, French dovetails, alternating pitch, etc
  • Control of spindle location, machining speed, tooling variance, height of pin, depth of joint, location of joint, and number of joints are all controlled by CNC
  • 7″ inch touch screen /600 programs for easier and faster operator inputs and a better visual representation of the machine operation
  • Additional modifications include the positioning servo now equipped with an absolute encoder eliminating X and Y axis limit switches

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