New Omec Model 750CN Automatic Dovetail Machine

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  • Omec Model 750CN Automatic Dovetail Machine
  • Technical Data:
  • On board machine installed power: 3.2 Kw
  • Working pressure: 0.7 M Pascal
  • Spindles: 1 n˚
  • Spindle revolutions: 21,000 rpm
  • Center tot center of indents: variable or fixed
  • Drawers production: 60 n/h
  • Workpiece Limits
  • Lengths: Min. 200mm Max. 1500mm
  • Width: Min. 60mm Max. 530mm
  • Indent Height: Min. 8.5mm Max. 16mm
  • Front Thickness: Min. 6mm Max. 50mm
  • Side Thickness: Min. 8mm Max. 40mm
  • Standard Equipment
  • Fixed and Variable Pitch
  • 60 drawers per hour
  • Drawer height Min 2.36″(60mm) Max 15.74″ (400mm)
  • Board Thickness Max .31″ (8mm ) Max 1.18″ ( 30 mm )
  • Integral Carbide cutter installed on the machine
  • Tool Kit for adjustments and maintenance
  • Pneumatic clamps
  • 20” capacity
  • Operator to input the dimensions of the parts to be machined and designs the dovetail pattern to best suit the material dimension and the desired effect of the operator
  • Working on one inch centers is no longer a requirement as the CNC technology spaces the centers to meet your needs
  • Blowout is minimized as the speed of cut can be adjusted to both accommodate the material and the size of the joint
  • 7″ touchscreen, up to 600 can be saved for later recall

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