Saws - Optimizer

New Omga Model OPTIMA 60

Stock #80920N - Available (As Is)



  • Data Sheet
  • Max. Piece Thickness: 4" 5/16th
  • Max. Piece Width: 12"
  • Max. In feed Length: 13'9" -20'4"
  • Max. Feed Speed: 200 FPM
  • Saw Blade Motor Power: 6HP
  • Saw Blade Diameter: 18" (20" optional)
  • Cutting Speed: 0.5-1 sec
  • Average Number of Cuts: 15 min - 20 min (kc)
  • General Specifications
  • Fitted with the last generation CNC
  • Adjustable 10.4" Touch Screen display, combines reliability, ease of use and always maintains the ergonomic position of the operator which ensure very accurate positioning of the work piece (+/- 0.15 mm)
  • RJ45 Ethernet port and/or USB connection and the software allows for reports on the ongoing production runs, to always be available on screen or through the network, without interrupting the process of the machine
  • Capable of optimization coupled with defecting function
  • Two different configurations:
  • SNC: Allows to process cutting jobs with step-down optimization of the different lengths present in the program or to process pre-determined cutting patterns. This configuration is ideal for batch-cutting
  • OPT:
  • Capable of optimization coupled with defecting function. The board is read through a laser guided system, which allows to select up to two separate grades and an absolute accuracy, even on finished parts, without leaving any trace
  • Optional
  • The cutting area may be fitted with a system of horizontal clamps, ensuring the squareness of the cut pieces
  • The pusher system may be fitted with a pneumatic tail clamp and linear encoder

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