Sanders Wide Belt 3+ Head

New Woodtech Model WTM FSG 650 RRRPA

Stock #71620N - Available (New)



  • Basic Features
  • Constant Pass Line
  • Roller Roller Combination (roller and pad)
  • Working width: 650mm
  • Service side: left
  • Working Thickness: 3-100mm
  • Feed Speed: 21.5m/s
  • Belt Size: 680mm x 2200mm
  • First Belt Motor: 18.5kw/25HP
  • Second Belt Motor: 15kw/20HP
  • Third Belt Motor: 11kw/15HP
  • Machine Frame
  • Built with rectangular profiled steel beams to give high strength to the frame; Main motors are positioned inside the frame in a protected position
  • Machine frame is assembled using high strength bolts (8.8G), And also welded, for maximum durability
  • V-belt drive belts from main motors to sanding heads, With disk brakes on each main motor for emergency stops
  • Hold Down Units
  • Hold down units to hold the work pieces on the feed belt; are positioned in front and rear of each sanding head with independent variable pressure control
  • Standard chrome plated press shoes for high accuracy applications
  • Press shoes installed close to the sanding drum, suitable for sanding short pieces
  • Feed System
  • This machine features a fixed sanding bed height for constant pass line use, the working height is 850mm
  • Feed table is made of steel, with precision milling within 0.05mm; table surface polished to avoid wear
  • The feed table is heat treated for additional durability
  • Rubber feed belt designed at appropriate hardness accuracy and durability
  • Top profile according to operation requirement
  • Drive motor with speed control for feed speed variation
  • Feed speed variable from 0-19m/min

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