New Woodtech Model WTM-633 12" Moulder

Stock #47910N - Available (New)



  • No. Of Spindles - 6
  • Dia of shaft (mm) 050mm
  • Spindle RPM - 6000
  • Motor Power
  • 1st Bottom - 11 kW/15HP
  • Right - 7.5 kW/10HP
  • Left - 7.5 kW/10HP
  • Top - 11 kW/15HP
  • 2nd Top - 11 kW/15HP
  • 2nd Bottom - 11kw/15HP
  • Feeding - 11 kW/15HP
  • Feed beam lift - 1.1kW/2HP
  • Top beam lift - 2× 0.25kW/0.35HP
  • Feeding Speed (m/min) - 5-25
  • Features
  • Fully hermetically sealed safety cover can effectively isolate the noise, and play a role in safety protection
  • Individual motor to each spindle to ensure maximum power transmission
  • All adjustment of spindles is centralized in front of machine, to be convenient to operate
  • Spindle diameter Φ50 and two pairs of high-precision and high-load support bearing are more suitable for heavy-duty cutting
  • All Horizontal spindles are equipped with out-board bearings
  • In-feed bottom helical roller for steady feeding
  • The front and rear bed plates of the first bottom spindle is made of special alloy steel, and double heat treating for additional wearability
  • A group of pneumatic side pressure wheels on the right side of left spindle , can be adjusted to the desired pressure
  • Pneumatic chip breakers on the infeed of the top spindles
  • Pneumatic pressure shoes on the back of top spindle
  • Electronic positioning of top spindle and feed beam
  • Pneumatic in-feed bottom helical roller is more suitable for large deformation and high moisture of the wood to feed
  • Double chromed feed bed for good durability
  • The feed bed and carriage are lubricated by manual oil pump, which is centrally controlled and easy to operate
  • Inverter to feed 5-25m/min
  • International brand electric components for long life and durabiity. Each motor is equipped with overload protection to protect the safety and stability of the motor
  • PLC:)Siemens (German brand)
  • Siemens for touch screen(German brand)
  • ABB()ABB for inverter(Swiss brand)
  • Schneider for low-voltage component ,such as button ,contactors, motor breaker (France brand)

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