Saws - Cut-off/Miter

New Pillar Model TSS Trim Score Saw

Stock #79600N - Call For Availability (New)



  • Pillar Model TSS Trim Score Saw
  • The TSS machine was designed to cut materials that are susceptible to tear out as well as for pack cutting of multiple parts at the same time
  • The saw is equipped with two counter rotating saws mounted above and below one another
  • The bottom saw is designed for pre-scoring parts prior to cut off to prevent tear out
  • The bottom spindle is designed to accept a 6′′ diameter scoring saw and is powered by a 1 1/2 HP motor
  • Spindle speed is 4700 RPM
  • The top spindle is designed for a 12′′ diameter saw blade and is powered by a 3 HP motor with a spindle speed of 4700 RPM as well
  • Saw blade travel is horizontal via linear bearings
  • It is powered by a pneumatic cylinder with adjustable flow controls
  • For Safety, horizontally mounted pneumatic work clamps are installed on each side of the cut-off saw and are equipped with a proximity switch to release only after full saw blade retraction
  • Standard Features
  • 2 Counter Rotating Saws
  • Tear-Out Free Design
  • Ability to Cut Multiple Parts At Once
  • 2” x 12” Material Size
  • Two 4" dust ports
  • CFM 700
  • Options
  • Waste Chute
  • Additional Part Clamping
  • 10 Degree Table Tilt
  • 2” X 24” Material Size
  • Full Integration with TigerStop / RazorGage Systems

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