New Pillar Model MMTX Mortise and Tenon Miter Machine

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  • Pillar Model MMTX Mortise and Tenon Miter Machine
  • The MMTX is the industry’s highest producing machine designed for creating Blind Mortise, and Tenon joints on a Mitered angle
  • It is a full 6 axis CNC machine
  • It is much like our MMTJ and M45 machines with exception that it has one dedicated carriage to produce the tenon end and another dedicated carriage to produce the mortise side
  • Each side of the machine has two loading stations
  • Referencing is done on both the outside and face of the profile for accurate joints
  • The computer controls the size of the mortise and tenon
  • Programs are stored and recalled as needed
  • Changing from program to program is accomplished in seconds
  • Small runs as well as large batches may be done on this machine
  • This machine produces between 400-500 doors per 8-hour shift with one operator
  • Standard Features
  • 7.5 HP Tenon Spindle
  • 7.5 HP Miter Spindle
  • 3 HP Mortise Spindle
  • Z & Y Axis Rotary Ball Screw
  • Four Working Zones
  • Square Rail Bearings
  • Unlimited Program Storage
  • Side Pressure Clamps
  • Material Width: 1 1/ 2” - 3 1/2”
  • Material Thickness: Up to 1”
  • 400-500 Doors Per 8 Hr Shift
  • Two 4" dust ports and two 6" dust ports
  • CFM 1400
  • Options
  • 72” Servo Fence
  • Increased Thickness / Width Diamond Tooling

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