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New Pillar Model H49 Horizontal Bore and Dowel

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  • Pillar Model H49 Horizontal Bore and Dowel
  • The H49 is a horizontal bore and dowel CNC machining center used for case construction in cabinet or furniture manufacturing
  • With the H49, you get quick and accurate assembly, gaining production times on CNC routers and point to points by shifting horizontal boring to this machine
  • It is designed to CNC position the spindle, bore a hole, then CNC position the inserter, inject glue or water, then insert a dowel into the hole
  • There are 2 working zones on the standard H49 model allowing for pendulum processing
  • While one part is being machined, the other zone can be loaded and queued for machining
  • All of this is done during a cycle time of less than one second
  • The H49 has a 49” working table with 2 work zones
  • One 3" dust port
  • 350 CFM
  • Standard Features
  • CNC controlled X-Axis
  • Digital Readout for Z-Axis
  • 1 HP 18,000 RPM Direct Drive Spindle
  • 49” Work Area
  • 15” Color Touch Screen
  • 8mm Dowel Inserter
  • Sealed Glue System
  • Options
  • 96” Work Area
  • Barecode Reader
  • Dowel Length from 30mm to 35mm
  • 6mm Dowel Inserter
  • Larger capacity dowel bow

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