Glue Spreaders

New Quick Spreader Glue Applicator

Stock #351000N - Call For Availability (New)



  • Quick Model F-QSGA-08-36 Glue Applicator
  • Perforated-plate-type glue applicator with 8" wide, 36" long applicating grid
  • With foot treadle released, the applicating grid is submersed in a reservoir of glue. When the foot treadle is depressed, the grid is raised above the glue reservoir, and excess glue drains from the grid back into the glue reservoir. Stock to be glued is placed on the grid, and a mesh pattern of glue is transferred from the grid to the bottom edges of the stock. The treadle is then released, and the grid is re-submersed in the reservoir of glue.
  • Standard features include a stainless steel applicating grid, an easy-slide-out stainless steel glue pan and a stainless steel glue pan cover.

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