Glue Spreaders

New Quick 63" Wide, 6" Opening 2 Sided Roller Coater

Stock #35900N - Call For Availability (New)



  • Quick Model R-RCGS-2-63-6 Two Sided Roller Coater
  • 63" width capacity, zero to 6" opening Roller Coater
  • Features 8.25" diameter grooved acid- and heat-resistant SBR (EPDM available) rubber-covered glue roll(s) and 7" diameter hard rubber-covered doctor roll(s)
  • Machine is powered by a 2hp electric motor, with a standard fixed feed rate of 80 feet per minute
  • Optional variable feed rate of 40 to 118 feet per minute (or 31 to 187 fpm available) for additional charge
  • Glue spread and material thickness adjustments are made by turning chrome-plated hand wheels (or optional motorized vertical adjustment)
  • Aluminum drip pan catches clean-up water
  • Includes roll guards and emergency stop bars for operator safety.

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