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New Entecco Schlingmeister 3000 Two-Module Dust Collector

Stock #2410000N - Available (New)



  • The two-module Schlingmeister 3000 is an expandable dust collector for woodworking with up to 26,000 CFM. The system has four 25 hp fans located inside the clean air plenum. Each fan moves up to 6,500 CFM.
  • Locating the fans inside the clean air plenum reduces the amount of duct and associated static pressure.
  • Lower static pressure reduces energy consumption and maintains higher airflow and suction at the pick-up points.
  • Each fan can be equipped with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that reduces energy consumption by speeding or slowing the fan(s) to maintain the right amount of airflow for the number of machines in operation.
  • Sound insulation of the plenum greatly reduces noise pollution.
  • Our footprint is smaller than single fan systems.
  • Complete control panel with motor starters, sensors, data logging, inputs, and outputs.
  • Explosion vents are directed upward for personnel safety.
  • 81 bags per module in a 9 x 9 array (1,884 SF of media).
  • 3 vibratory cleaning devices in each module operate when the fan is off.
  • Rotary airlock discharges the collected dust.
  • Access ladder and service platform are included.
  • 16,756 lbs empty weight
  • 28,490 lbs full weight
  • 102” x 204” x 321” Tall or 8.5’ x 17’ x 26.75’ Tall
  • The unit arrives in 3 sections. Lead Time is roughly 14 weeks from receipt.

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