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New Northtech Innovator Cutmate 4000D Double Knife Veneer Guillotine

Stock #103300N - Call For Availability (New)



  • Cutting Length : 4000 mm (157")
  • Maximum Opening : 80 mm (3.14")
  • Cutting width: 30~470mm (1.18" - 18.50")
  • Dimensions of Guillotine: (L) 225" x (W) 71" x (H) 83"
  • Dimensions of Hydraulic Tank: (L) 46" x (W) 22" x (H) 43"
  • Features
  • Parallel cutting guaranteed
  • JAPAN YUKEN hydraulic system
  • With European safety standards
  • Able to use the front knife individually
  • JAPAN MITSUBISHI PLC control system
  • Rigid welded machine body for stable movement
  • Safety light barrier of knife and pack beam in front
  • Safety light barrier at the rear of the machine for safety concerns
  • Able to cut various materials including veneers, paper, plastic, etc.
  • Knives manufactured with high speed steel to extend the grinding life
  • Pack beam with two cylinders & four firm guides for long-time operation
  • Adjustable pressure with hydraulic knives and pack beam for all kinds of veneers
  • Hydraulic-driven rear fence for adjustment of the veneer pack to minimize the scrapes
  • CutMate 4000D
  • Simultaneously cutting with two knives for timesaving production cycle (short working cycle)
  • “Safety locker” at the front end of the knife beam (unique and only in INNOVATOR’s guillotines)
  • Extra safety valve of knife beam with additional safety knife protective cylinder to keep off any drop of knife
  • Special designed “emergency valve” for front knife to minimize operational danger caused by mechanical faults
  • High speed movement of the firm working table by servo motor with three sets of linear guides and two sets of ballscrews
  • Optimizing program including manual cut mode, direct prog. mode, final width mode, etc. to cover all requirements of veneering work
  • The user-friendly touch screen control panel with more than 50 sets of different veneer width at the same time

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