New Quick 63" Roller Coater Glue Spreader 2 Sided

Stock #35600N - Available (New)



  • Model R-RCGS-2-63 two sided
  • 63" width capacity, zero to 1.75" opening Roller Coater Glue Spreader
  • Features 8.27" diameter grooved acid- and heat-resistant SBR rubber-covered glue roll(s) and 6.9" diameter hard rubber-covered doctor roll(s), powered by a 2hp electric motor, with either a standard fixed feed rate of 64 feet per minute or an optional variable feed rate of 40 to 118 feet per minute. Glue spread and material thickness adjustments are made by turning chrome-plated hand wheels. Aluminum drip pan catches clean-up water. Includes roll guards and emergency stop bars for operator safety. High-quality urethane finish.
  • One sided option available
  • Variable speed control available at an extra cost

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