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New Motimac Model 100/100 Table Top Sander

Stock #62900N - Call For Availability (New)



  • Motimac Model 100/100 Table Top Sander
  • The FH100/100 is designed for sanding of all kinds of edges and items with complex contours. The table makes it easy to handle the workpieces and stop any unnecessary lifting of the items. The FH100/100 is delivered with automatic height adjustment, which ensures an optimal usage of the sanding brushes, also allowing you to have cores with different diameters for sanding of different profiles. The FH100/100 is equipped with a tilt-shaft so that it can work with both a discs, and a traditional drums from Flex Trim. The FH100 is easy and simple to operate via a control panel at the front of the machine. The FH100 has height adjustable rubber feet which eliminate all vibrations.
  • 1.5hp
  • Hubs and brushes included

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