End Matchers

New Friulmac Randomax EVO/200/003B-400 Random Length Defecting End Matcher

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  • The work-pieces are positioned onto the in-feed belt transfer by the operator and transferred inside the machine , from the right to the left by means of motorized bottom rollers with free rollers top pressure system
  • A laser photo-eye activates an electronic measuring procedure to determine the work-pieces positioning with reference to the size of the scrap to be removed
  • Working Sequence:
  • 1) Work-Piece Positioning
  • 2) End-trimming Operation Trimming unit operation by means of pneumatic cylinder
  • 4) Work-piece referencing & clamping by means of controlled pneumatic pressure sequence
  • 4) Top & Bottom Scoring
  • 5) End-Profiling Operation
  • The scoring & profiling units are assembled on a movable base that slides on precision linear guides by means of pinion and rack
  • The speed (forward, profiling & backward) is adjustable directly from the control board
  • When the end-processing has finished, the work-piece gets released from the clamping and moves to the next step to repeat the above described procedure with reference to the trailing-end
  • From here on, the machine keeps positioning and processing the leading and trailing ends simultaneously
  • Work Piece Length 8" Min. to 118" Max.
  • Work Piece Width 2" Min. to 15.8" Max.
  • Work Piece Thickness 0.4" Min to 1.6" Max.
  • Maximum Scrap Length 4" on Each End - Increasable with Multiple Cuts
  • In-feed and Out-feed Belt Motors 3.5HP
  • Central Transferring Belt Motor 1HP
  • In-feed Belt Length 10'
  • Out-feed Belt Length 10'
  • In-feed and Out-feed Belt Speeds 100 - 650 Ft/Min
  • Working Unites Feeding Speed 16 - 165 Ft/Min
  • Total Working Length Tolerance +/- 1.5mm According to Work Speed
  • Trimming Units 7.5HP each
  • Top and Bottom Scoring Unit 1.5HP each
  • Profiling Units 8HP each
  • Options Included:
  • Software for managing the work-piece defecting cycle
  • Pneumatic longitudinal fence for processing fixed length starting from min.200 mm to 2500mm (manually adjustable), perimetric protection fence included for processing herring bone
  • Modem for Internet tele-service
  • Waste conveyor belt with tilted final part (unloading height 450 mm)
  • Sound safety enclosure

Additional Machine Information
- Randomax EVO brochure.pdf

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