Saws - Gang Rip

New Mereen-Johnson Model Rip Navigator Scout Rip Optimizing System

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  • Mereen-Johnson Rip Navigator Scout Rip Optimizing System
  • Arranged to Receive 17'-6" Maximum Length Boards
  • Board Stop Queues Boards for Advancement to Disappearing Fence
  • Disappearing Fence References Boards for Laser Light Rip Solution
  • Equipped with Automatic Board Flipper mounted at the Disappearing Fence
  • Automatic Adjusting Fence Positions Boards for Placement into Gang Rip Saw
  • Chain Deck Equipped with Seven(7) Chain Beams Supporting #60 Single Strand Flat Top Roller Chain
  • 30" Minimum to 17'6" Maximum Board Length Feeding Capacity
  • Chain Feed Rate of 111' Per Minute Driven by 2HP Feed Motor
  • Sixteen Sensors Mounted in Line After Board Queuing Board Stops
  • Sensors Measure Board Width and Shape
  • Board Data Provided to Rip Navigator Optimizing Software
  • Automatic Fence Adjustment Through Servo Motor / Rack and Pinion Mechanism and Rides on THK Type Linear Rails
  • System Guide is Mounted on Linear Ways for Smooth and Accurate Positioning Integrated with Rip Navigator control; Integral upper and Lower Rolls both Jump for accuracy and Reduced Wear
  • Mereen-Johnson’s Exclusive Cut Bill Rip Optimizing, Rip Tracking System Includes a PC and a 19″ LCD Color Touch Screen
  • Rip Navigator Controls the Position of the Laser Lights at the Operator’s Intervention Station, Adjusts the Board Oositioning Fence on the Infeed Chain Deck, and Positions the Select Saws on the Model 524-DC/SR4 for Maximizing Yield
  • Options Available:
  • One Stationary Collar Mounted Center Saw Blade with Shoe Hold Down
  • Board Flipper mounted to Scout Deck

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