Saws - Sliding Table

New Altendorf Model F 45 ElmoDrive

Stock #91503N - Available (New)



  • Sliding Table Length 3200 mm (128")
  • Saw unit with 5.5 Kw (7.5 HP) VARIO for one-way tilt operation; this drive offers infinitely variable speed control between 2000 and 6000 rpm, matching blade speed precisely with the material increases cutting quality and blade service life, reducing operating costs
  • Two-axis scoring unit – one-way tilting, 0.75 Kw (1.0 HP) motor, 8,000 rpm. With electronic vertical and lateral adjustment Programmable scorer blade height. Quickly retracts when not in use. Blade dia. 120 mm
  • Rapido scoring system, one-way tilt. For two-axis scorer unit, dia. 120 mm quick adjustment (range 2,8 to 3.8 mm)
  • LED illumination for the scoring hazard area
  • Extended cutting height for one-way tilt. This option is fitted out for one-way tilt with a large extraction dust hood for a maximum saw blade diameter of 550 mm and a saw blade projection no greater than 204 mm. The maximum saw blade diameter to be used with a scorer unit is 500 mm
  • Scales inch/mm, 12” Touch Screen
  • Motorized height / tilt adjustment 0-46 degree
  • Automatic cutting height correction
  • Digital speed indication, Digital height indication
  • Extended tool management, Grooving, Incremental dimension
  • Bevel rip, Compound miter, Inside and outside dimension
  • Geometrical forms, Unequal miter, Calculator
  • Memory for 9999 cutting programs
  • On/Off switch mounted on carriage
  • Main table extension TPL 840 mm
  • PQS DIGIT LD stops to 3200 mm parallelogram cross slide with digital display of angle and length; with robust 90 degree locking mechanism can be angled up to 47 degree I either direction the integrated digital display shows the angle with an accuracy of +/- 1/100 degree precision; easy length compensation with a scale when fence is angled
  • CNC Rip fence, cutting width 1300 mm With traverse speed of 250 mm /sec. and an accuracy of +/- 1/10mm; high precision five-points recirculating ball screw system which is low maintenance and, along with the motor, is well protected by its integration in the aluminium profile. The fence detects its position automatically, especially in the danger area around the saw blade, and has emergency cut-out to prevent the risk of crushing. Dimensions are corrected automatically when the fence is switched between the upright and the flat position or when working with the saw blade tilted.

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