Used Mereen-Johnson Model 1105-F CNC Dovetailer

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  • Mereen-Johnson Model 1105-F CNC Dovetailer will machine finger type dovetails in drawer sides, fronts and backs. Drawer sides machined in pairs, fronts and backs one at a time. Dovetails are on 1" centers. Drawer parts are hand positioned and automatically clamped. 3 second change over from side panels to fronts or backs. Tool compensation to maintain constant joint size. No cams to change or set
  • Material thickness is 7/16" to 5/8" on standard drawer boxes
  • Drawer height is 1-3/4" to 15", width is 5" to 48" and depth is 7" to 28"
  • One 5 HP TEFC motor with air tensioned "Esband" belt driving five counter rotating spindles to 20,000 RPM
  • Individually replaceable cartridge type spindles with top and bottom double angular contact bearings
  • Spindles mounted in a bored block on 2" centers
  • One 4" diameter dust collection point, 440 cfm required, based on 5000 fpm velocity and 4" w.g.
  • Machine mounted starter cabinet, touch screen PC for all machine controls, set-up and operations
  • Color Touch screen and computer provided with software to serve as interface between operator and machine. Run, calibration, and self-diagnostics screen included. Computer with modem and serial communications port

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