New Bonacin Closer 2500

Stock #15700N - Available (New)



  • The electromechanical cabinet clamp “CLOSER” is a machine designed to assemble normal and overlapping top furniture. It can assemble furniture of various sizes up to maximum 2500mm L x 650mm W x 1200mm H. There is no need to set the measurements of the furniture, the machine takes the measurements automatically by means of photocells and optic rays.
  • The machine is composed of a solid welded structure, two pressure frames (horizontal and vertical) which move along guides to guarantee a perfect squaring of the furniture, a working surface which supports a conveyor belt and all the relative protective devices.
  • The pressure frames are moved by a motorized gearbox controlled by an inverter from PLC. This enables the regulation of both the time and force of the pressure.
  • Incorporated inverter driven assembly table.
  • Touch screen control panel to regulate pressing time.
  • Vertical and horizontal pressure.
  • Productivity counter.
  • Alarm control.
  • Max. Clamping height 1200 mm
  • Min. Clamping height 240 mm
  • Max. Clamping length 2500 mm
  • Min. Clamping length 240 mm
  • Max. Clamping width 670 mm
  • Work table height 500-700 mm
  • Vertical and horizontal pressure 0-1200 Kg
  • Conveying speed (inverter) 19-36 m/min
  • Side entry assembling length 2500 mm

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