New Bonacin NINA Electromechanical Cabinet Clamp

Stock #15500N - Available (New)



  • The electromechanical cabinet clamp “NINA” is a machine designed to assemble normal and overlapping top furniture. It can assemble furniture of various sizes up to maximum 2500mm L x 650mm W x 1200mm H.
  • The manual mode allows the operator to move the different parts of the machine by pushing the relative buttons.
  • In automatic mode, the operator inserts the furniture inside the machine, pushes two-handed buttons and waits until the cycle is finished. After the furniture is inside the machine two buttons are pressed at the same time the horizontal frame will descend a touch the cabinet before ascending and positioning itself 10-20mm from the top of the cabinet. The vertical frame moves to the cabinet and starts to press the side of cabinet. After that the horizontal frame will press the cabinet from the top. The pressing starts with a low pressure and proceeds to the established time and force of pressing.
  • Max. Clamping height 1250 mm
  • Min. Clamping height 200 mm
  • Max. Clamping length 2500 mm
  • Min. Clamping length 200 mm
  • Max. Clamping width 650 mm
  • Worktable height 500 mm
  • Vertical and horizontal pressure 0-1200 Kg
  • Installed power 4 KW

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