Edge Banders

New Altendorf Hebrock Model Top 2000 Plus Series Edgebander

Stock #252400N - Available (New)



  • Compact model that fits almost anywhere. Basic configuration with end trim, top/bottom trim, and flat scraper, for a reliable good finish quality.
  • Glue pot inclusive leakage protection and maintenance- free bearing (heating-up time approx. 5 min.). Precise glue application. Refill is made from the operator side, as it is made from the top and can be easily reached.
  • The single motor system with 0.5 HP power and 18000 rpm is a proven classic. The hardened round shafts guarantee optimal working results – long-term.
  • Fast and powerful: 2 x 0.5 HP each 18000 rpm. The 4-sided-cutter head (turn-over cutter tips) is suitable for chamfer, flush and radius. The precise adjustment is made by digital counters from operator side.
  • The unique dual-tracing allows a surface finishing of the workpiece surface which is unparalleled. Max edge thickness 3mm
  • Max Workpiece Height 50mm
  • Feed Speed Approx 30/ft/min
  • Work Table Height Approx 35"
  • Machine Length Approx 11 ' Feed speed 10 m/min (32 fpm)
  • Glue pot heat up time 6 minutes approx.
  • Min / max work piece thickness 8 / 50 mm (3/8” / 1.9”)
  • Min workpiece length 200 mm (7.8”) approx.
  • Min workpiece width 90 mm (3.5”) approx.

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