Used Progressive Systems Model SB/D-40, 48" Wide Dip Chain Gang Rip Saw

Stock #86125 - Sold (As Is)



  • Maximum Width 49" Nominal
  • Thickness Capacity 3/8" and 3/4" with 10" Diameter Saws
  • Arbor Motor 125 HP Driving Through Flexible Coupling
  • Arbor 3-3/4" Diameter Turned, Ground and Polished
  • Powered Vertical Adjustment of Arbor
  • Two(2) Keys 1/2" Wide by 1/8" High in Arbor
  • Soft Start with Braking for Saw Arbor Motor
  • Ammeter for Saw Arbor Motor to Show Arbor Loading and Condition of Tooling
  • Feed Motor 10HP with AC Inverter
  • Feed Rates 40' To 200' Per Minute
  • Speed Control and LED Readout on Operators Console
  • Full Width Dual Non-marking Anti-kickback Provided at Infeed of Machine Ahead of First Press Roll
  • Serial no. 8903

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