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New Mellott Unscrambler with Board Singulator System

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  • Conveying Equipment -  Unscrambler with Singulator
    The Mellott Type 3 Unscrambler with Singulator is designed to deliver one board per lug to other operations after package breakdown.
    The unscrambler will handle boards up to 18" wide at a maximum feed rate of 50 boards per minute.
    The singulator is driven by the unscrambler headshaft through a #80 roller chain. The singulator will only allow the lug to carry up one board at a time. The singulator also rejects boards that are being carried up the unscrambler incline crooked.
    The Type 3 Unscrambler can be used as a basic unscrambler or can be used with the even ending module. This module will even-end cants or boards for further operations such as grading or trimming.
    Mellott also offer a package deck for this unscrambler to form a complete system.
    Special heights and chain spacings are available to meet your specific application.
    Mellott has an onsite engineering and design team capable of meeting your specific needs. We will consult and coordinate with you to provide the best options for your application.
    Main System Components
  • Infeed Height: 44"
  • Outfeed Height: 66"
  • Chain: 81X
  • Headshaft: 1-15/16" Diameter
  • Drive: Sumitomo Cyclo Reducer with C Fact Motor
  • Chain Spacing:
    3 Chain: 60", 60"
    4 Chain: 34", 34", 34"
    5 Chain: 24", 24", 30", 48"
    6 Chain: 24", 24", 24", 30", 48”

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