New US Concepts Model FAS-HD Universal Arch Moulder

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  • US Concepts Model FAS-HD Universal Arch Moulder
  • The FAS-HD is a Universal Arch Moulder for curved and straight moldings. This heavy duty, affordable machine consistently cuts curved profiles by using a unique floating feed system that registers on the outside edge of the curved blank. The FAS-HD is equipped with two axis spindle adjustment to easily and accurately match the cutter to the moulding profile. The spindle adjustments and floating feed make cutting circular, elliptical and straight casings and crowns easy. This machine has been designed to accommodate cutting heads from a typical moulder.
  • Spindle diameter 1.5"
  • Spindle speed RPM 6200
  • 7 powered feed rollers
  • Max cutting width 8"
  • Max cutting diameter 7.75"
  • Max material height 4.25"
  • Main Motor 10HP
  • Feed Speed (Adjustable) 0 - 30 FPM
  • Floating feed system with 7 powered feed rolls
  • Machine Weight 1780 lbs
  • Cast Iron dovetail slides for 2 axis spindle adjustment
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Table Size (Cast Iron) 48" x 30"
  • 52 degree spindle tilt
  • Up-down & In-Out adjustment
  • Forward-Reverse controls for spindle and feed
  • 230V, 3 phase electric

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