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New Razorgage APS AutoPushing Cutoff System

Stock #80600N - Call For Availability (New)



  • Razorgage Model APS AutoPushing Cutoff System
  • Download cutlists to the RazorGage PC via Ethernet, USB drive or Wi-Fi.
  • Optimize at the machine or run pre-optimized lists from most popular software.
  • Optionally print paper labels or inkjet print directly on the parts.
  • Sort cutlists right at the machine.
  • Includes the revolutionary Cyclone Upcut Saw made in America by RazorGage.
  • Select solid PVC over steel table top, PVC rollers or steel rollers.
  • RazorGage solid state PC - Windows 10 Professional
  • Includes 23” Color LCD Touch Screen.
  • Optional articulated pusher mounted gripper.
  • Aluminum cutting option includes aluminum cutting blade & Dual Mist Blade
  • Lubricator. Front to back adjustable top clamp accessory also available.
  • 12 Stock Length in Feet
  • 14 Stroke in Feet
  • Autolist Software
  • Carriage & Stop Extension ST 2' Reach
  • RazorGage O/A Length In. 192.00
  • Table Attachment Bkt
  • Table Configuration 1/4" Solid PVC RG ST Table 34.5 to 44.5 Tall
  • Table Configuration 1/4" Solid PVC Oposite St Table 34.5 to 44.5 Tall
  • Cyclone Auto 460 3 Phase
  • PLC APS - 1-MDrive_PLC_Optimal_APS_v3.0.mxt Control Options

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