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New Newman EPR-24A 24" x 6" Fixed Bed Double Planer

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  • Newman EPR-24A 24" x 6" Fixed Bed Double Planer
  • The Newman EPR Electric Series Double Roughing Planers provide state-of-the-art technology backed by the world's most experienced planer manufacturer. Newman's new EPR Series Planers feature electric feed drive. Additional innovative features include an improved locking mechanism for the cutterhead leveling system, and redesigned bottom cutterhead dust collection. The benefits of the new, environmentally friendly EPR Series Planers include precision feed roll synchronization, extended tire life, superior feeding, precision grinding and jointing, new digital thickness indicator, and reduced maintenance.
  • Helical Carbide Cutterhead 4-knife row and includes grinder and jointer
  • 40 HP 3600 RPM top head motor
  • 25 HP 3600 RPM bottom head motor
  • 3 phase, 60 cycle, 460 volt
  • Feed works consists of four feed rolls: one top infeed roll and one top outfeed roll each consists of four pneumatic tires mounted on steel shafts
  • Top roll yokes are pivoted from frame allowing for stock variation and quick roll raising
  • Bottom infeed quad rolls and single outfeed roll are idle
  • Variable feed speeds of 50-150 FPM
  • Top rolls are powered by two 10 HP helical gear motors with AC variable frequency drive
  • Top head power hoist
  • Sectional top head chipbreaker with 3" wide hardened steel toe pieces
  • Air operated top head chipbreaker and pressure bar release
  • Grinding, setting, and jointing equipment furnished for top and bottom cutterheads
  • Cutterhead brakes
  • Dust hoods
  • Outfeed bottom roll equipped with roll scraper
  • Anti-lap device
  • Standard electrical control panel equipped with full-voltage starters and fuses for line protection, With main freestanding pushbutton console

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