New Giben Model G4 EVO Nesting Line

Stock #571300N - Available (New)


G4 Full Line.jpg
G4 Full Line.jpg

  • The G4 EVO Nesting Line adds the loading and off-loading to the standard CNC Router.  At the completion of the machining cycle the infeed system loads a new panel while the pusher transports, while cleaning the table surface, the completed nest of panels out of the unloading area allowing continuous flow of operation.  This system can increase the machine productivity by up to 90%.
  • Table Size: 2700mm x 1300mm (4FT X 9FT), 3100mm x 1600mm (5FT X 10FT), 3700mm x 1600mm (5FT X 12FT)
  • Router Spindle: 15 Hp ANDI HSK-63f air cooled spindle 1,000 – 24,000 RPM
  • Drill Block: 5 x 5 Vertical
  • Vacuum Pump: One 10hp Becker vacuum pump
  • Tool Change: 8 position carousel tool changer with indexing system (optional 12 position)
  • Auto Lubrication: Standard

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