New Giben Model Prisma6000 SPT Rear-Load Panel Saw

Stock #825200N - Available (New)


Prisma6000 SPT.png
Prisma6000 SPT.png

  • The Prisma6000 150 SPT (rear loading from lift table) is, without any doubt, the highest output single line saw on the planet. With linear drive saw carriage and optional linear drive pusher the production capacity of this machine is unmatched. With the patented KERS energy recovery system, this machine is also the only choice for those who desire a truly "green" machine.
  • Cut Length: 3300mm / 3800mm / 4500mm / 6000mm (10'/12'/14'/20')
  • Blade Projection: 150mm / 185mm (6"/7.2")
  • Main Motor: 30HP/40HP
  • Scoring Motor: 3HP
  • Saw Carriage Speed: up to 300m/min (985ft/min)
  • Pusher Speed: up to 120m/min (393ft/min)

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