New Black Brothers Model 775 68" Top & Bottom Hot Melt Glue Spreader

Stock #35500N - Available (New)



  • Application: To apply Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive to the top surface of substrate at temperatures up to 350 Degrees F.
  • Upper Elevator: 0 to 4-1/2" opening
  • Roll Opening Indicator: shows opening between rolls in .001” increments
  • Standard Pass Line Height: 30” Top Exhaust 8” Outlet
  • Coating Roll: (2) 7-3/4" Maximum O.D., 70 Durometer - Silicone, Ground Smooth per A2321, with Flanges
  • Doctor Roll: (2) 6-1/2" Maximum O.D., 2CP Doctor Roll (2) heated by rotary joint: with counter-flow on one end
  • Motorized Doctor Roll Adjustment: Top and Bottom Single Hand-wheel Doctor Roll Adjustment – Hand-wheel parallel to direction of flow includes mechanical digital read-out in .001” increments
  • Machine to have Laminated Safety Glass on both sides, with Electrical Interlocks: Shields used in place of normal roll nip and in-feed barrier guards, air cylinders to raise & lower
  • NEMA 12 Enclosure with main power disconnect switch and over-current protection: (230 or 460) Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz, 24 VDC Control Circuits
  • Variable Speed Drive: A.C Inverter Type, 40-120FPM with 3” Reverse Lock-out
  • Digital Read out for AC Inverter
  • E-Stop Cables: In-feed and Out-feed
  • Pivoting In-Feed Table
  • Operating Hand-wheels and Controls parallel to flow on (right or left) end
  • Solid High Temp End Seals: with auxiliary end seal insert
  • Electric Oil Heat Transfer System: Mounted on Common Base: with separate controls for oil heater on right end. Filled and factory tested with heat transfer oil
  • Liquid Level Sensor: Teflon probe style top and bottom, to trigger control relay, which would actuate a 3-way solenoid valve for the manifold control, and provide a set of dry contacts to be used as a signal for the pre-melter system.
  • Mounting Customer's Feed Manifold and interfacing with Liquid Level Control: includes necessary component mounting and hose routing
  • Caster Arrangement: (4) Plain rigid casters with guide track and lock, pass line height 36-1/2”
  • Riser Base: 2” minimum, for pass height to 45-1/2"
  • Provide Oil Circulation to all 4 rolls
  • Independent Drive on Doctor Roll (2): A.C. Inverter 2-20 FPM Top and Bottom
  • Set of Spare Coating Rolls
  • 55 Gallon Drum Unloader: Nordson unit to supply adhesive to Spreader through heated Hoses and Manifold included. Manifold to be mounted on Spreader and Integrated to BBCO Liquid Level Control. 460V 3 Ph 60 hz With one day start up

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