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New Newman Model TS-24 Equalizing Module for EPR-24 & S-282-2

Stock #52350N - Call For Availability (New)


Newman TS-24.png
Newman TS-24.png

  • NEWMAN TS-24 Equalizing Module (to be used in conjunction with Newman EPR-24 or S-282-24).
  • Helical Carbide Bottom Cutterhead, 8-knife.
  • 50 HP 3600 RPM bottom head motor; 3 phase, 60 cycle, 460 volt.
  • Feed works consists of one top infeed roll consisting of four pneumatic tires mounted on steel shaft.
  • Top roll yoke pivots from frame allowing for stock variation and quick roll raising. Bottom infeed rolls are idle.
  • Variable feed speeds of 50-350 FPM. Top roll is powered by 15 HP helical gear motor with AC variable frequency drive.
  • Automatic Cut Control for bottom cutterhead.
  • Coated top press roll located over A.C.C. roll is idle.
  • Grinding rail stands furnished for bottom cutterhead.
  • Cutterhead brake. Dust hood.
  • Standard electrical control panel equipped with full-voltage starters and fuses for line protection.
  • Service technician required for module installation, start-up assistance, and operator training. (Newman standard service rates will apply.)

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