New Hofmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH Model UFM 210 Vision Universal Spindle Moulder

Stock #93900N - Available (New)


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Hofmann UFM 210 Vision.png
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  • The revolution of milling - unthinkable things become reality! Due to the swivel range from - 45,5° to + 95,5° completely new application areas become possible - there are no more limits to your imagination. Additionally the fence is fixed, but the complete engine unit incl. direct drive moves in axis "depth". This fact causes, that just the choosen axis moves and none of the others has to be corrected at all! Our very user-friendly touchscreen control makes this shaper unbeatable in efficiency and rapidness.
  • strongly ribbed cast iron table, finest planed surface; with extendable frame support by 480 mm
  • table slide with automatically depth adaptation; the adaptation works with every tool
  • changeable table insert, made of hard-coated aluminium, for tools up to Ø 160 mm and from Ø 160 to Ø 250 mm
  • spindle cone MK 5, milling arbor Duo Ø 30 mm; mounting length 125 mm
  • electrical height adjustment, vertically in the frame (no correction of the depth adjustment necessary if spindle has tilted) ca. 190 mm with rapid and creep speed, accurate to 0,1 mm
  • electrical swivel adjustment from - 45,5° up to + 95,5° with rapid and creep speed, accurate to 0,1°
  • electrical milling depth adjustment (the fence is fixed on the table, adjustments can now be carried out on the milling spindle) fast and slow run, accurate to 0,1 mm, nearly no correction of the feeder position necessary
  • variable speed from 1.500 to 10.000 rpm by direct driven spindle motor
  • choose speed by simply pressing a key for one of the 10 deposit speeds or variable through keyborard – without changing the V-belt
  • push button control with automatic contactor to start and stop the spindle
  • swivel unit is double-sided guided, with automatical clamping of the tilt angle
  • double-sided linear bearing of depth and height adjustment of the spindle
  • the fence is fixed on the machine table, adjustment of the infeed jaw according to a digital display to 0,1 mm; cast iron jaws 500/500 mm
  • operating hours counter, machine socket, fuse-protected, with plug for the feeder, operating elements placed in control panel
  • electrical spindle locking magnet, low maintenance machine
  • HOFMANN guard and thrusting device „Centrex“
  • 3 extraction chute Ø 120 mm at the fence and below the table; min. air volume 20 m³/min. at 378 pa
  • clockwise rotation by two hand operation with warning indication
  • electrical equipment according to VDE/EN 60204, master switch, emergency switch, motor protective switch, winding and under-voltage protection, contact for actuation of dust extraction system, brake, programme protection via key, serial interface for data read-out
  • equipment: operating tools, operating instruction
  • CE-conform
  • BG-wood dust mark no. 031042
  • Table width: 820mm
  • Table length: 1.625mm
  • Table height: 900mm
  • Max tool dia: 250mm
  • Swivel range: -45.5 bis + 95.5
  • Spindle cone: MK5* /HSK-F63 / HSK-F80
  • Spindle dia: 30mm
  • Mounting length: 125mm
  • Height adjustment range up to: 190mm
  • Height adjustment range “operation support”: 155-175mm
  • Engine power: 7.5**kw (direct drive)
  • Engine speed: 1,500 to 10,000 RPM Extraction chutes (3) dia: 120mm
  • Minimum airflow: 1200 cubic-meters per hour
  • Weight: 1,400 kg
  • Total footprint approx. : 1,357mm * standard configuration, optionally upgradable
  • ** a direct drive transfers significantly more torque compared to drives with belt; high-quality inverter enables operation mode S6 - allows continuous operation with intermittent load with power of 10.5 kw

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