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New Razorgage Model RazorOptimal Pocket Hole Saw System

Stock #80450N - Call For Availability (New)


RazorGage Optimal w Pocket Hole.jpg
RazorGage Optimal w Pocket Hole.jpg

RazorGage RazorOptimal Pocket Hole Saw System
Pocket Hole drilling, Scribe Marking, Inkjet Printing and the RazArray sorting assist features.
Your RazorOptimal programmable saw system will download cut lists, optimize remaining parts to fit into defect-free areas of your material, and automatically advance and cut lineal stock. You can choose between crayon mark defect scanning or joystick A/B defect input. The RazorOptimal optimizing saw system is unique in that it is available with either an up-cut saw (fitted with a 500mm or 24″ blade) or, for customers wanting to automatically drill pocket holes, it can be outfitted with our 18-inch down-cut precision saw. It can also be outfitted with various secondary operation modules: Face frame layout marking, inkjet printing, spaceball insertion and RazArray sorting assist.

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