New Denray Model 85120 Sanding Booth

Stock #249250N - Available (New)



  • Denray's 85120 model comes equipped with a 10 HP motor, developing a CFM of 10,000, to a maximum width of 14' (widths over 14' require multiple power units). Dust Booths work great for a larger application, conveyor systems, or any item too large for a downdraft table. Denray offers offline filter cleaning that takes 7 minutes and can be done during breaks, lunch or at the end of the workday. Deep filter cleaning is done by closing filtered doors and pushing the "Clean" button. The filtered doors help prevent dust from blowing back into the work area while filters are being deep cleaned. Denray does not just have booths available for dust applications, but also grinding/metal applications as well. Prided on building custom tables, we also build custom booths.

    Additional Options:
  • We specialize in Custom; all work area sizes are different
  • Booths are available deeper than the standard 10'
  • Booths height may be altered
  • Light Bars available
  • Downdraft floors can be built
  • HEPA Filter Banks
  • Carbon Filter Banks (odor control)
  • 10 HP Motor with a VFD which would produce 12,000 CFM

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