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New Denray Model 3444B Super Cartridge Filter Downdraft Table

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PRICE: $ 7,000.00

Denray 3444B Super.jpeg
Denray 3444B Super.jpeg

  • Denray Model 3444B Super Cartridge Filter Downdraft Table
    This model is similar to the 3444B, but contains a larger fan and motor, along with our typical rails and tops found on our larger tables. There are no intake dust ports or vise due to these modifications. The 3444B Super comes with 80/20 cartridge filters which clean with a 99.95% capture rate at .5 micron. This model comes standard with casters, Denray's "Jet Pulse" push button cleaning, and a rubber coated top. This model does provide the option of a tilt out front edge as an add-on.
  • 34" x 44"
  • 27", 31.5", 32", 37" HEIGHT
  • Four height options the operator can choose from in facility
  • 1.5 HP MOTOR
  • 3000 CFM
  • SINGLE-PHASE: 115/220
  • THREE-PHASE: 230/460/575
  • Tilt out front edge
  • 7” working vise
  • Explosion Proof Motor (3 Phase only)
  • Light Bar
  • Casters
  • Auto-timer
  • Muffler (reduces sound level 10-12 dbs.)
  • 100% Spunbond Polyester Filters
  • Carbon Filter Bank (odor only)
  • HEPA Filter bank
  • Three-sided Hinged Safety Shield
  • Magnehelic Gauge
  • HDPE Plastic Tabletop
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustment
  • Larger Motor/Fan Upgrade

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