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New Razorgage Model RazorOptimal Saw System

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RazorGage Optimal.jpg
RazorGage Optimal.jpg

  • Razorgage Model RazorOptimal Saw System
  • RazorOptimal Saw System
    Here’s What you get with your RazorOptimal Saw System
  • Industrial tower electrical chassis for dust intrusion control.
  • RJ45 Networking port
  • USB ports
  • Windows 8.1 Professional operating system
  • 21-inch color touch screen operator interface
  • Powerful RazorOptimal software to organize, opti-mize, and track your downloaded cut list data.
  • Cyclone precision up cut saw
  • Linear bearing precision
  • 500mm blade included. 600mm optional
  • Intelligent left and right front clamping
  • Top clamping uses linear bearing system
  • Scans material length and crayon marks on boards >1” wide.
    Precision Positioning
  • Double bearing block carriage for the ultimate in carriage stability on a linear rail, just as a high-end CNC Machine should be.
  • Planetary gear reduction system — Near ZERO backlash: Major contributor to RazorGage superior accuracy and repeatability.
  • Three points of contact: Three times as strong.
    World-Class Software
  • Flexible sorting of parts. Operator selects material to process from list.
  • Optimizing - after scanning your defect location marks and board length, computer will select combination of parts that best fit defect-free available material, increasing yield
  • Cut parts are tracked should you wish to add one back into list.
  • Fully compatible with common design soft-ware package .csv cut list files
    Available Options
    Inkjet Printer
  • Perfectly complements your RazorOptimal software
  • Print any data on your parts that you have downloaded
  • Helps sort parts as they are made
  • Helps expedite assembly, for example, with part name, cabinet number and length
    Out Feed Table
  • Out feed Tables include one leg per table section. 6, 8 and 10-foot sections combine for desired length.
  • Overall table width is 21 inches. 16-inch usable flat PVC table surface -- typically used for wood materials.
    RazArray Sorting Assist
  • Works in conjunction with RazorOptimal Software
  • LED’s Identify which bin next part goes into
  • Example: Can key off Cabinet Number
  • Typically ordered as multiples of 8-columns x 8-rows
  • Starting immediately any of your saw operators can improve cut part accuracy, reduce mistakes and get more yield from your materials.

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