Saws - Gang Rip

New Cameron Automation Model Quick-Rip #413 Series Feed System

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Cameron Quick-Rip.jpg
Cameron Quick-Rip.jpg

  • Quick Rip #413 Series Feed System
    Typical Quick Rip users:
  • Moulding & Millwork Shops.
  • Mid-Size Cabinet Manufacturers
  • Window & Door Manufacturers
  • Wholesale Lumber Distributor.
  • A Quick Rip Feed System is compatible with most fixed and moveable arbor saws
  • Auto Skew increases the yield on boards that do not have a straight edge.
  • Our programmers write our software in-house allowing changes and free upgrades.
  • Floor space is 104" x 459", the smallest in the industry.
  • All incoming and outgoing pieces are tallied to help you control inventory and reduce material cost.
    #413 Rip System
  • 10-12 Boards per minute
  • 4'-16' Length
  • 14,000 - 16,000 Board Feet per shift - saw dependent
  • Auto Feed
  • Auto Skew

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