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New Castle Model CSI 1.5D Pocket Hole Machine and Screw Inserter

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Castle CSI 1.5D.jpg

  • CSI 1.5D Pocket Hole Machine And Screw Inserter
    Product Description
  • Castle’s CSI-1.5D Pocket Hole Machine And Screw Inserter saves time, reduces waste, and eliminates non-value added labor and screw-handling motion trauma for high-production cabinet joinery. Pockets with screws, delivered! By using patented Screw-In-Pocket (SIP) technology CSI-1.5D cuts Castle’s distinctive screw pocket, drills a low angle pilot hole and inserts a flush, stackable screw in 1.5 seconds. CSI-1.5D provides faster production time by eliminating screw handling at assembly. When you use the Castle Pocket Cutter And Screw Inserter, you will cut your assembly time nearly in half! For the best wood working and joinery tools, shop Castle, Inc. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the absolute best and highest quality woodworking tools and supplies.
    Technical Specifications:
  • Pocket cutter and screw inserter in one
  • Cuts the professional Castle Pocket
  • Cuts pockets and inserts screws in 1.5 seconds
  • Faster assembly
  • Reduces waste
  • No assembly required

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