Tenoners - Double End

New Friulmac Quadramat-FL Double End Tenoner

Stock #101220N - Available (New)


Quadramat-FL Main.jpg
Quadramat-FL Main.jpg

  • Friulmac offers:
  • In line solution where the first QUADRAMAT-FL processes the work-piece lengthwise and the second one crosswise. Fittingly equipped with a conveyor and a linking transfer.
  • Stand-alone solution where a single QUADRAMAT-FL machine includes all the technological solutions to execute the lengthwise and crosswise processing by passing the work-pieces through the machine twice.

    Principal characteristics:
  • Working speed up to 120 m/min.
  • The heavy machine base is made of a normalised electro-welded structure able to absorb and avoid the vibrations and resonances caused by the working process.
  • Iron casting working unit support columns and gliding slides.
  • The accurate manufacturing of the sliding guides allows the transversal and vertical working unit regulation without mechanical locking.
  • The chain feeding occurs by bearings rolling on cylindrical precision rectified steel guides.
  • Top pressure system:
  • Motorized with speed control by inverter;

  • Pneumatic independent pulleys and trapezoidal track covered with special non-marking rubber;

  • Uniform pressure on the processed work-piece all along the machine.
  • Hundredth mechanical comparators for a fine axial and radial regulation on each profiling unit.
  • Air compressor system and motorized brushes for the feeding system cleaning.

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