Tenoners - Double End

New Friulmac Quadramat-S Double End Tenoner

Stock #101200N - Call For Availability (New)


Quadramat-S Main.jpg
Quadramat-S Main.jpg

  • The QUADRAMAT-S series has been designed using those construction standards that are unanimously considered essential to guarantee the maximum of precision and reliability.

In addition to these, technological and engineering solutions,able to adapt our machines to the real present-day market requirements, have been added, in order to make them even more flexible and simple to use.

    Principal characteristics:
  • The heavy base structure is made of cast steel and is able to absorb and avoid the vibrations and resonances caused by the working process.
  • Iron casting working unit support columns and gliding slides.
  • The accurate manufacturing of the sliding guides allows the transversal and vertical working unit regulation without mechanical locking.
  • Feeding chain built of hard casting steel components connected by steel pins mounted on long-life sealed and lubricated bearings.
  • Top pressure system with independent pneumatic pulleys. The pressure system applies a uniform pressure on the work-piece all along the machine length.
  • Broad working units selection for each kind of demand.

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