Used Paul Model CGL Gang Rip Saw w/ AB-920 Automatic Infeed

Stock #8731 - Sold (As Is)



  • Four Moving Blade Roll Feed Rip Saw
  • Saw Arbor Motor 170HP
  • The Infeed System Features a Unique, Moving Table Positioning System with 2 – Axis Positioning and Automatic Skewing Capability
  • The Infeed System is Designed to Process from 14 – 18 Boards Per Minute
  • The System Measures Both the Wane and Geometry of the Board with up to 32 Triangulation Scanners down the Length of the Infeed
  • The Rip Saw is Equipped with equipped with One Fixed and Four Movable Saws
  • Saws are Positioned by Hydraulic System
  • The Arrangement of the Climbing Top Feed Rollers and Fixed Bottom Rollers Ensures Accurate Guidance of the Material Being Cut

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