New Baker 4M Wood Wizz Timber Surfacing & Finishing Machine

Stock #104201N - Sale Pending (New)


Baker Wood Wizz.jpg
Baker Wood Wizz.jpg

  • Diameter Planer: 5-inches
  • Diameter Sander: 5-inches
  • Maximum Width: 4-foot 8-inches (56-inches)
  • Maximum Length: 11-foot 3-inches (135-inches)
  • Dust Collection: 3-1/2-inch diameter port/connection hose
  • Electrical: 220-volt, single-phase
  • Shipping Dimensions Box 1: 8-foot, 4-foot, 37-inches tall, 1,400-pounds Box 2: 160-inches, 18-inches, 18-inches tall, 456-pounds
  • Tower crane with manual cable winch to allow one man loading of slabs
  • Dust tower with 3-1/2" diameter dust connection hose

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