New Ironwood Model Cut24 24" Cut-Off Saw

Stock #81450N - Available (New)


Ironwood Cut24.jpeg
Ironwood Cut24.jpeg

  • Cutting capacities offer maximum thick ness up to 8" and up to 21" width
  • The Ironwood CUT24 cut-off saws offer operators a safe and reliable, yet compact cross cutting solution. With a precision ground table surface, these saws ensure absolute cutting accuracy while maintaining stability during heavy cutting operations. The Cut24 highlights enhanced safety guards and a powerful motor torque to handle the applications.
  • Limit switches ensure safe tool changes, allowing access doors to open only when blade has stopped rotating
  • Powerful, high torque 15 HP motor drive ensures high stability at fast cutting speeds
  • Optional push button controls: enjoy all of the benefits of the CUT 24, plus the advantage of a 2-hand control feature to activate the pneumatic cutting cycle operation

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