Used Ruvo Model 2200 Stair Router

Stock #9832 - Sale Pending (Cleaned and Checked)


Stk 9832-02.JPG
Stk 9832-02.JPG
Stk 9832-04.JPG
Stk 9832-05.JPG
Stk 9832-12.JPG
Stk 9832-15.JPG
Stk 9832-13.JPG
Stk 9832-07.JPG
Stk 9832-08.JPG
Stk 9832-09.JPG
Stk 9832-10.JPG
Stk 9832-06.JPG
Stk 9832-11.JPG

  • Automatically Routes a Left-Hand and a Right-Hand Stringer Simultaneously
  • Maximum Material Capacity: 2" Thick x 12" Wide x Unlimited Length
  • Two 2 HP, 208-230/460v, 3ph Router Motors
  • Pneumatic Material Clamping
  • Pneumatic Advancement
  • Pneumatic Stroke
  • Serial #: 1114

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