Item Manufacturer Machine Name Availability
167-1.jpg167SicotteAirbor 750 Multi-Spindle Horizontal BorerAvailable
688-02.JPG688CMCDouble End Pocket Hole Boring Machine
689-02.JPG689CMCDouble End Pocket Hole Boring Machine
859-1.jpg859Fox Mechanical ProductsModel 1 Chair Leg Leveler Available
1283-10.jpg1283ItalpresseModel XL/10/38-16 Hot Press 5' x 12'Available
1565-3.jpg1565UhlingModel HP3000 Case Clamp Available
1566-1.jpg1566UhlingModel HP4000 Case ClampAvailable
3821-1.jpg3821EvansModel 4253 Index TableAvailable
9840-1.jpg9840PistoriusModel S Miter Return SawAvailable
10572-1.jpg10572BeckerType VTLF 360 Vacuum PumpAvailable
10573-1.jpg10573Lafert25 HP Vacuum UnitAvailable
11132-1.jpg11132RitterModel R250E Pneumatic Door/Frame ClampAvailable
25145-1.jpg25145BrandtModel Ambition 1120 FC Edgebander (2017)Available
25903-1.jpg25903Putsch980 PM Edgebander with Pre MillAvailable
Stanza SB.png29400NStanza Model SB 600/2 24" Abrasive Head Series FinishingAvailable
32102-1.jpg32102Mellott140-SS Hydraulic Wood-Waste Scrap Shear GuillotineAvailable
35588ef6-6886-4fa3-a355-11052c4e1bbe.jpg35125Black Brothers68" Top & Bottom Heated Roll Glue SpreaderAvailable
PC-495.jpg36200NBlack BrothersModel PC-495 68" Panel CleanerAvailable
36S25EXW.png44302NAutoquipModel 36S25EXW Extra Wide Scissors LiftAvailable
44312-1.jpg44312American LiftsModel M-1202-3CA, 6,000 lb. Cap. Scissors LiftAvailable
44314-1.jpg44314Scissors LiftAvailable
47163-1.jpg47163SCMModel Sintex Four Head Moulder Available
47168-34.jpg47168SCMModel Superset NT Five Head MoulderAvailable
47510N-1.jpg47510NFriulmacDualfeed Auto Double Cross-Cut Saw Moulder FeederAvailable
47900N-1.jpg47900NUS ConceptsModel FAS-HD Universal Arch MoulderAvailable
52107-9.jpg52107NewmanModel S-282-18 Double-Sided Helical Hd PlanerAvailable
52600N-1.jpg52600NNewmanEPR-18 Double SurfacerAvailable
52700N-2.jpg52700NNewmanEPR-24A 24" x 6" Fixed Bed Double PlanerAvailable
53500N-1.jpg53500NNextechPS 43 PRC 3 Head 43" Planer SanderAvailable
57139-1.jpg57139Omnitech SystemsModel Selexx Pal 5x10 CNC RouterAvailable
Maggi Boring System 23.1.jpg061100NMaggiBoring System 23Available
061200N-7.jpg061200NMaggiSystem 35 Construction Line BorerAvailable
061300n-1.jpg061300NMaggiSystem 29 Construction Line BorerAvailable
62123-1.jpg62123OakleyModel H-5 Single-Sided Oscillating Edge SanderAvailable
70750N-3.jpg70750NNextechS52 RC 52" Two Head Wide Belt SanderAvailable
71300N-1.jpg71300NNextechS43 RRC 3 Head 43" Contact Roll & Combination Head SanderAvailable
80600N-1.jpg80600NRazorgageAPS AutoPushing Cutoff SystemAvailable
80700N-1.jpg80700NRazorgagePositioner with Cyclone Saw Available
82116-1.jpg82116HolzmaModel HPP72/43 14' Horizontal Panel SawAvailable
85128-1.jpg85128MattisonModel 404 Straight Line Rip SawSold
86137-1.jpg86137Mereen-JohnsonMereen-Johnson Model 312 Gang Rip SawAvailable
89316N-1.jpg89316NOliverModel 4045, 12" HD Table Saw w/Side Table & 52" FenceAvailable
89317N-1.jpg89317NOliverModel 4045, 12" HD Table Saw w/Side Table & 52" FenceAvailable
10-table-saw.jpeg89500NOliverMod. 4045.003 12" HD Table Saw 5Hp 1Ph w/36" RailsAvailable
10-table-saw.jpeg89600NOliverMod. 4045.003-A001 12" HD Table Saw 5Hp 1Ph w/52" Available
10-table-saw.jpeg89700NOliverMod. 4045.004 12" HD Table Saw 7.5Hp 3Ph w/36" RaiAvailable
10-table-saw.jpeg89800NOliverMod. 4045.004-A001 12" HD Table Saw 7.5Hp 3Ph w/52Available
VTLF 2 Series.jpg105100NBeckerVTLF 2.250/0-79 Rotary Vane Vacuum PumpAvailable
VTLF 2 Series.jpg105200NBeckerVTLF 2.250/0-79 SK Rotary Vane Vacuum PumpAvailable
VTLF 2 Series.jpg105300NBeckerVTLF 2.400/0-79 Rotary Vane Vacuum PumpAvailable
VTLF 2 Series.jpg105400NBeckerVTLF 2.500/0-79 Rotary Vane Vacuum PumpAvailable
10hp Direct Drive.png240100NOneida10hp Direct Drive Dust CollectorAvailable
5hp High Vacuum.png240200NOneida5hp High Vacuum Dust CollectorAvailable
5hp Smart.png240300NOneida5hp Hi - Vac Smart Dust CollectorAvailable
7.5hp Direct Drive.png240400NOneida7.5hp Direct Drive Dust CollectorAvailable
15hp Direct Drive.png240500NOneida 15hp Direct Drive Base System - No FilterAvailable
20hp Direct Drive.png240600NOneida20 hp Direct Drive Base System - No FilterAvailable
Giben KG 365J 1.jpg251100NGibenModel KG 365J Edgebander with Pre-MillingAvailable
251200N-1.jpg251200NGibenModel KG 368 Edgebander Available
251300n-1.jpg251300nGibenModel KG 368J Edgebander with Pre-MillingAvailable
Giben KG 468.png251400NGibenModel KG 468 EdgebanderAvailable
KG 468JKS.jpg251500nGibenModel KG 468JKS Edgebander with Pre-MillingAvailable
KG 486JK.jpg251600NGibenModel KG 486JK Edgebander with Pre-MillingAvailable
KS 02.png251700NGibenModel KS 02 Edgebander Pre-MillingAvailable
KG 305.jpg251800NGibenModel KG 305 EdgebanderAvailable
KG 315.jpg251900NGibenModel KG 315 EdgebanderAvailable
252000N-1.jpg252000NPutsch EBP 420 Edgebander with Pre-MillAvailable
252001N-1.jpg252001NPutsch EBP 420 Edgebander with Pre-MillAvailable
441300N-1.jpg441300NMellottSlider Belt ConveyorAvailable
441400N-1.jpg441400NMellottCurved Chain ConveyorAvailable
441500N-1.jpg441500NMellottRollcase Standard, Jump Skid, Rooftop w/ FlooringAvailable
441600N-1.jpg441600NMellottChain TransfersAvailable
441700N-1.jpg441700NMellottBundle DumperAvailable
441800N-1.jpg441800NMellottUnscrambler with Board Singulator SystemAvailable
441900N-1.jpg441900NMellottTilt HoistAvailable
442000N-1.jpg442000NMellottScap Shear SystemAvailable
442200N-1.jpg442200NMellottVibrating ConveyorAvailable
442300N-1.jpg442300NMellottOverhead Gravity Pressure RollAvailable
G4 EVO.jpeg571100NGibenModel G4 EVO 510 3-axis Flat Table CNC RouterAvailable
G4 EVO.jpeg571200NGibenModel G4 EVO 512 3-axis Flat Table CNC RouterAvailable
751000N-1.jpg751000NBakerFive Head "C" Model Band ResawAvailable
CTD UCS218 Up Cut Saw.png812600NCTDModel UCS218 Up Cut Saw Available
Icon Fast 115 SP.jpg825500NGibenModel ICON Fast 115 SP 3300 x 3350Available
Icon Fast 115 SP.jpg825600NGibenICON Fast 115 SP 3800 x 3850Available
Icon Fast 115 SPT.jpg825700NGibenModel ICON Fast 115 SPT 3800 x 1600Available
1071100N-1.jpg1071100NOneida2 Cubic Yard Hopper with 10" CollarAvailable