Item Manufacturer Machine Name Availability
696-1.jpg696Detel Model MV23P - Discontinued Demo MachineAvailable
IMG_6821.JPG1285Tyler5' x 12' Side Loading Pod PressAvailable
1286-1.jpg1286JoosModel "Junior 3" 4' x 8' Hot Press - 2014!Sold
IMG_8033.JPG1287TylerModel Power Pod 4' x 4' Laminating Pod PressAvailable
1288-01.jpg1288JoosModel DLP 135 5' x 10' End-Loading Feed-Through Hot PressAvailable
2105i-042105CastleModel TSM-35 Pocket Hole MachineAvailable
2628i-022628FriulmacModel Randomat E Random Length End MatcherModel Randomat E Available
2629-1.jpg2629FriulmacModel Randomat E Random Length End MatcherAvailable
IMG_3222.JPG2630FriulmacModel Randomat/SQ EndmatcherAvailable
2825-2.jpg2825BotteneOPTI 599 Optimizing Saw & Heron HS Finger Joint System - 2017!Available
2996-02.jpg2996CeflaModel Unospray 1300 Reciprocating Spray w/ UV OvenAvailable
IMG-7636.JPG2997Renzo BorgonovoModel SP 4P, Four Gun Linear Spray MachineAvailable
5318-01.jpg5318ButferingFour-Head Top & Bottom Planer/Sander LineAvailable
7090-1.jpg7090LoboTwo Head 36" Wide Belt SanderAvailable
7470-01.jpg7470MZ ProjectModel Hopper 013 Automatic Copying BandsawAvailable
7551i-017551BakerModel D Single-Head Grade Lumber ResawAvailable
8045-1.jpg8045EagleModel BWS-8-LR Defecting and Optimizing Cut-off Saw SystemAvailable
9960-1.jpg9960BalestriniModel Lynx/MD Double Round-End TenonerAvailable
IMG_8048.JPG9961BalestriniModel Pico MD Rount End Tenoner & MortiserAvailable
11138-1.jpg11138DoucetMSP-SDM-M-1-52-84 Miter Door Master ClampAvailable
IMG_7641.JPG11139Kreg4' x 8' Face-Framing TableAvailable
IMG_8091.JPG11141JLTModel #79K-6-M Miter Cabinet Door ClampAvailable
IMG_8078.JPG11142JLTModel #79K-6 Cabinet Door ClampAvailable
IMG_8180.JPG11143JLTModel #79K-7-DDC Large Capacity Cabinet Door ClampAvailable
11144i-0111144RitterModel R375VSP Door / Frame ClampAvailable
IMG_8064.JPG11145RitterModel 450VSP Door Frame ClampAvailable
25904-5.jpg25904CantekModel MX 340M EdgebanderAvailable
25905-1.jpg25905PutschModel EBP 950 Edgebander w/ Pre-MillAvailable
25906-1.jpg25906BiesseAkron Akron 440 H1 Automatic EdgebanderAvailable
25907-01.jpg25907CehisaModel Mykro Plus Edgebander - 2013 Showroom Demo UnitAvailable
29500N_1.jpg29500NStanzaModel 1000/2 39" Finish SanderAvailable
Simple_Spray_900.jpg29600NStanzaSimple Spray 900 with Paper BeltAvailable
32103-11.jpg32103RetechModel RG32/20 Top Loading Rotary Grinder (2002)Available
32104-9.jpg32104West SalemModel 2420 BH Wood HogAvailable
35128-1.jpg35128Black BrothersModel 775 56" SPRD Top & Bottom Glue SpreaderAvailable
44319-01.JPG44319Unknown8' Wide x 16' Long Driven Roll-CaseAvailable
47176_front_right.JPG47176WadkinModel K23 Six Head MoulderAvailable
47177-1.jpg47177WeinigModel Unimat 23E Six Head Feed Through Moulder w/ Tooling!Available
47178-01.JPG47178LeadermacModel LMC-633H Hypermac Six Head 13" Wide MoulderAvailable
382387A.jpg47180WadkinModel K30 Six Head 12" Wide MoulderAvailable
51111-1.jpg51111WhitneyModel S-290 36" Single Sided Planer w/ Helical Carbide HeadAvailable
52109-1.jpg52109Yates AmericanModel B-15 15" Double Rough SurfacerAvailable
382388A.jpg52110OliverModel 170 Straight-O-Planer Available
57147-1.jpg57147HomagModel BOF 611/34/13/2R CNC Processing CenterSold
57148-1.jpg57148CosmecModel Fox 48 4' x 8' Flat Table CNC RouterAvailable
57149-1.jpg57149BiesseBre.Ma Model EKO 902 Vertical CNC MachineAvailable
Resized_20190812_081923.jpeg.jpg57151SCMModel Routech X2 Cell, with two 5 Axis RoutersAvailable
IMG_7362.JPG62129QuickwoodModel D2 1300 51" 2-Head Denibbing Brush SanderAvailable
82121-01.JPG82121HolzmaModel Optimat HPP 350/43/43 CNC Panel SawAvailable
85430N-1.jpg85430NDiehlModel SL65-24 Straight Line Rip SawAvailable
Astra-SE400.jpg91502AdwoodCasolin ASTRA SE 400 Sliding Table Saw - One Time Demo MachineAvailable
93136-1.jpg93136CasadeiModel F 230A Shaper - 2008!Available
93137-1.jpg93137OliverModel 4750 Sliding Table Shaper w/ Oliver Power Feeder Sold
101126-1.jpg101126CelaschiModel TSA 200N Double End TenonerAvailable
2.jpg101127FriulmacModel Contouramat Double End TenonerAvailable
SC1 Overall views.jpg104167HundeggerSpeedcut SC1 CNC Automated ComponentAvailable
111200N-1.jpg111200NJLTModel 717A-DDC 38" x 96"Available
111300N-1.jpg111300NJLTModel 717A-TDC 38" x 96"Available
240800N-1.jpg240800NN.R. MurphyModel MKOB-411-3B Available
240900N-1.jpg240900NNedermanModel S-1000 3 phase 208-230/460 voltAvailable
241100N-1.jpg241100NOliverModel 7150.001R Dust Collector 3HP w/remoteAvailable
10010_Full_Machine.jpg891000NOliverModel 10010 10" Jobsite Table SawAvailable
2401000N-1.jpg2401000NNedermanModel S-500 3 phase 208-230/460 VoltAvailable