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Used CNC Woodworking Machines: Tips for Buying Quality Machinery

The price of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) woodworking equipment ranges from a less pricey hobby grade model to a considerably expensive topnotch industrial model. For those who need an industrial CNC machine, making an extensive large sum investment in a single piece of equipment is often impossible. Consequently, many people buy used CNC woodworking machines, most of which are priced lower than comparable new equipment. When woodworkers follow the tips below, buying used woodworking machinery is a sound investment:

Buy Reconditioned Equipment

Many woodworkers worry that a pre-owned product will be unreliable, but when the product has been reconditioned, the uneasiness is put to rest. Reconditioning restores a product by replacing worn parts and thoroughly cleaning interior and exterior components. Blemishes on the exterior may also be corrected. Reconditioning adds several years to the lifespan of hardware. Instead of buying new hardware, woodworkers can buy reconditioned hardware that performs like new, but costs less than comparable new hardware.

Inspect the Equipment

The Internet enables people to purchase products without ever seeing them in person. While convenient, purchasing equipment from a website without inspecting it firsthand increases the risk of buying an inferior product. Website photos seldom show a machine from every angle, and disreputable sellers have been known to mismatch photos and product descriptions. Inspecting used CNC woodworking machines firsthand is the best way to ensure you are buying a quality mechanism.

Test the Equipment

A seller of used woodworking machinery with a reconditioning facility often allows customers to test a router before they buy it. Although the test is short, it could reveal important features about the equipment, such as whether it makes noises that could indicate mechanical problems, whether the cutting mechanism cuts as accurately as expected, and whether the arm moves as fluidly as it should. Not testing equipment before you buy it increases the risk that mechanical problems will go unnoticed until the equipment is part of the production line.

Inspect the Seller

Finding quality equipment begins with identifying a reputable seller. In most cases, a reputable seller has the following characteristics:

  • Successful business history of two years or better
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) record has no unresolved complaints
  • Supplies a copy of the machine’s maintenance record
  • Has a facility where equipment is inspected and reconditioned
  • Specializes in selling pre-owned equipment

A seller that displays these attributes typically sells reliable, pre-owned equipment that performs “like new.”

Why Choose RT Machine?

There is no shortage of used woodworking machinery sellers, but few sellers are as reputable and customer friendly as RT Machine. For over ten years, we have sold used CNC woodworking machines that are reconditioned to perform “like new.” In addition to offering great equipment, we also have a machine locator service that locates equipment in the inventory of other sellers. Regardless of the equipment you need, RT Machine will help you locate it. To learn more about our equipment and services, browse through our website, or contact us today.

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