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The Advantages of Using a CNC Wood Router

When they start their career, many woodworkers use standard plunge-base and fixed-base routers. But when they experience a rise in production demand, the need to produce intricate pieces, or the need to produce larger pieces, they replace these routers with one or more computer numerical control (CNC) routers. Allowing wood to be cut with incredible accuracy at a high rate of speed, these routers offer several advantages that standard routers don’t. If you are considering replacing your standard router with a CNC model, below are six reasons why you should make the change.

Reduced Waste Work
The more waste pieces that accrue on your work floor, the more money you lose in wasted supplies. Because standard routers lack the precision control of their CNC counterparts, errors in work pieces are a constant threat. As a result of their computerized operation, CNC routers eliminate waste work caused by human error, producing thousands of identical pieces without producing a single waste piece.

Larger Cutting Field
Producing large pieces such as stair risers can be a challenge for standard routers, especially concerning accuracy. Large CNC routers, on the other hand, can produce such pieces with ease. If your woodwork is moving in the direction of mass-produced pieces that have a low margin for error, a CNC wood router is the machine of choice.

Flawless Repeatability
Controlled by computers, CNC routers are capable of producing hundreds or thousands of pieces that are exactly the same. For companies that place a high value on quality assurance, this aspect of CNC routing is priceless.

Easier Operation
Because standard routing involves physical manipulation that has a direct bearing on product quality and worker safety, standard routers require the operator to possess significant experience in addition to training. Conversely, the operation of a computer-controlled router is based primarily in computer training. This allows operators to achieve expertise in a matter of months.

Less Dangerous to Workers
CNC routing removes the router operator from the direct vicinity of the router’s cutting mechanisms, creating a safer work process. For companies, this can translate into fewer workers comp cases and less production losses due to worker disability.

Increased Production Capacity
By producing few waste pieces and operating with topnotch efficiency, industrial CNC routers can revolutionize production capacity. Compared to adding standard routers and hiring technicians to operate them, adding industrial CNC routers that have large cutting tables can be extremely cost efficient.

RT Machine has the Options You Need

If your current routing equipment doesn’t offer the requisite cutting intricacy or output capacity, you may need to upgrade to a CNC router. At RT Machine, we offer new and used woodworking machinery for the small woodworker and large woodworking operation alike. If we don’t have the machine you need in stock, we can locate one and have it shipped to your location.

Purchasing a CNC router is an important decision; one that RT Machine can help you make with confidence. To get the equipment you need, browse through our product pages, or call us today.

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