New Cameron Automation Model 37A-16L Quick Chop System

Stock #80100N - Available (New)



  • Cameron Automation Quick Chop Push Feed chop optimizing saw
  • Luminescence crayon marking of defects
  • 14" Saw blade
  • Capacity: 8" Wide, 8/4 Thickness
  • 7-1/2 Hp Saw motor
  • Complete with Frame, Computer, Luminescence Sensor, Servo Motor, Crosscut Solutions Cut-Off Saw, and All Mounting Equipment
  • Machine to Handle material up to 16 Feet Long
  • High Voltage Option - 440 to 220 Volt Transformer
  • Pneumatic Hold Down cylinders for Extremely bowed stock
  • Industrial Ink Jet Printer System for Part Identification
  • Lineal Encoder for Higher Accuracy of Parts (.010)
  • Board Width Measurement System

Additional Machine Information
- Cameron Quick Chop.pdf

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